The entomology studies are inspired by a poem.... summer curtains, thoughts reflective of summers past...... Insects found in Australia's pristine fresh water creek environments

Mist nets are very fine nets suspended between trees by entomologists to capture insects during the high summer period after the rains - "Collection Time".
Upon returning back to the laboratory those insects are collated, categorized, recorded and labeled by name, species, genus and location.
They are then placed -secured by pins- in perfect order within drawers containing insects of like species.

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The botanical studies are developed from gatherings found during frequent walks in neighbourhood parks, reserves and footpaths overhanging gardens, a recording of seasons each telling their own story.
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Flowers collected in sub-tropical Brisbane's green belt suburbs of Bardon and Ashgrove found during the months of November till January.
These plants are typical of the older gardens in this area and climate.


Leaves and Pods

This study combines Botanical and Entomology studies collected in and around Brisbane's
green belt suburb of Bardon and Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens representing the seasons of Autumn, Winter and Spring.